Glimmering Crystal Rays
Glimmering Crystal Rays
Glimmering Crystal Rays
Glimmering Crystal Rays
Glimmering Crystal Rays
Glimmering Crystal Rays

Glimmering Crystal Rays

Regular price $35.65

Add a splash of color and an aura of magic to any room in your home.

Experience the beauty of Glimmering Crystal Rays, part of the Crystal Vibes series.

This custom wall tapestry is crafted from premium threads for vibrant detail and remarkable durability. With hemmed edges for extra resilience, this stunning tapestry will bring joy for years to come.
Choose from our multiple sizes for custom fit.

Perfect for crystal seekers, artists, meditators, writers, new agers, and creators looking for a unique and inspiring piece to decorate with. Unlock the power of crystals and allow these glimmering rays to bring positivity and clarity into your life.

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  60" × 50" 80" × 68" 104" × 88"
Width, cm 152.40 203.20 264.16
Height, cm 127.00 172.72 223.52


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